‘The Flash’ Teases Stephen Amell’s ‘Arrow’ Cameo With New Trailer (Video)

Grant Gustin learns to control his new powers with a little help from Arrow

Grant Gustin is about to learn that with great power comes great responsibility, in the newest trailer released for The CW’s new comic book adaptation “The Flash.”

Gustin’s Barry Allen gets struck by lightning, freaks out a bit at his rapidly vibrating molecules and comes face-to-face with Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, aka now Barry’s fellow superhero, Arrow.

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Oliver is also the voice of experience, having taken to putting on a hood to protect Starling City from bad guys, and offers Barry some advice on how to handle his life now that he’s been thrust into the same position in nearby Central City.

Barry also gets assistance from the Star Labs gang, led by Tom Cavanagh, who present him with the costume he’ll wear when he gets control of his superspeed and begins using it to save innocent bystanders caught in the fight between good and evil.

“The Flash” premieres Tuesday, Oct 7 at 8pm on The CW.

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