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‘The Good Place': Now You Can Make Your Own Sexy Chidi Calendar

Jeremy Bearimy, baby

“The Good Place” may be over, but you can still have Chidi in your life for at least one more Jeremy Bearimy.

The official “Good Place” Twitter account tweeted out a Valentine’s Day gift for fans on Tuesday — the complete set of images from the Sexy Chidi calendar that Chidi left for Eleanor before departing the Good Place for good in last week’s series finale.

“A Chidi for all seasons,” the calendar reads, featuring pictures of William Jackson Harper dressed up as a champion wrestler, a bare-chested mailman (presumably Eleanor’s favorite), what looks like the Bachelor, and, in Chidi’s most natural state, bookish ethics professor.

DIY-friendly fans can print out the images and put together their own version of the calendar, though the provided dates won’t be much use for those who don’t measure time in Bearimys.

“The Good Place” may be gone, but at least you can salve the wound with a little spare time and some staples. Whenever you’re ready, of course.