‘The Irrational’ Researchers Lure Their Target Out With Free Swag in Episode 2 Clip (Exclusive Video)

Jesse L. Martin stars in the NBC drama as a behavioral psychology professor

“The Irrational” is putting the power of free gifts to the test. In a new Episode 2 clip obtained exclusively by TheWrap, Professor Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) walks his students though how to use the promise of free merchandise and trips to find someone who doesn’t want to be found.

The clip revolves around a brainstorming session between Alec and his two protégés, psychology grad student Rizwan (Arash DeMaxi) and grad student assistant Phoebe (Molly Kunz). The task? Draw a man out of hiding who doesn’t want to be found.

It only takes a moment before Rizwan suggests using the “power of free” to their advantage. The idea is that someone would be more willing to give up their location if they think they can get something for free out of the deal. Together, Phoebe and Rizwan figure out an organization their target has already accepted merchandise from — a website called ProChessFans.com. Just like that, the trap is set.

From “South of Nowhere” writer and “Dexter” producer Arika Mittman, “The Irrational” follows a world-renowned professor of behavioral science. Each episode follows Professor Mercer as he and his students lend their expertise on array of high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement and corporations. But when he meets his match in the form of a female domestic terror suspect, Professor Mercer is put to the ultimate test.

The series is based on best-selling author Dan Ariely’s book, “Predictably Irrational.” Ariely has also authored “The Upside of Irrationality” and “The Honest Truth about Dishonesty.”

In addition to “The Flash” and “Law and Order” star Jesse L. Martin, “The Irrational” stars Maahra Hill (“Delilah”), Travina Springer (“Ms. Marvel”), Molly Kunz (“Widows”) and Arash DeMaxi (“Partner Track”).

New episodes of “The Irrational” premiere on NBC Mondays at 10 p.m. ET. They stream the next day on Peacock.


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