‘The Masked Singer’ Kicks Off Season 10 With a Surprise Unmasking: And Anonymouse Is…

This time, she wore combat boots with her dress

Nick Cannon and Anonymouse in The Masked Singer
Photo Credit: Fox

“The Masked Singer” has officially made it to 10 seasons. On Sunday night, they celebrated in full force with a huge lead-in as the new football season kicks off. Following the start of the NFL’s 104th season, the show aired a special standalone episode with a huge unmasking.

Though this season’s competition hasn’t officially begun — we have to wait a couple more weeks for that — the episode featured performances from “Masked Singer” alums including Michelle Williams, Rumer Willis, Joey Fatone, Bow Wow and others. This time though, they didn’t have to perform in costume. Still, this is “The Masked Singer,” so there was one person under a mask on the night.

Known as Anonymouse, the singer took the stage to sing Heart’s “What About Love?” — a perfect song, considering the giant mouse’s outfit. With a studded leather jacket and combat boots, she rocked out exactly as hard as you’d expect her to because Anonymouse was revealed at the end of the night to be… Demi Lovato!

Granted, most fans picked out her voice immediately just from the preview released ahead of the episode, so it wasn’t a true shock. But the judges were stunned to see Lovato unmasked, as she marks one of the biggest performers to ever appear under one of the show’s trademark costumes.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that Lovato wasn’t technically a competitor for the season. The actual competitions and eliminations begin on Sept. 27. Lovato was simply a one-night only appearance, but she sure did completely commit to the bit. So this episode may be cool for the summer, but later this month “The Masked Singer” will be trying to convince audiences that it’s cool for the fall.

The full season of “The Masked Singer” kicks off on Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.