‘The Morning Show’: Cory Has a Dire Warning for Alex (Exclusive Video)

Only three episodes of the Apple TV+ show’s third season remain

Paul Marks’ looming acquisition of UBA has more consequences for everyone at the network by the day in an exclusive clip from “The Morning Show” Season 3.

Following Episode 7, titled “Strict Scrutiny,” in which Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) met Cory Ellison’s (Billy Cruddup) mother, UBA talent glammed up for a fashion show and Roe v. Wade got overturned, Cory goes for Alex Levy’s (Jennifer Aniston) jugular in this Episode 8 clip from the Apple TV+ drama series.

“You never cease to surprise me, Alex, you are on the verge of getting everything you ever wanted out of this place, power in your own right and you choose instead to be the girlfriend, that plus one,” Cory says in a confrontation with Alex in her office. “And that’s not me talking, that is sadly the patriarchal cesspool that we live in. But now, I can promise you every decision you make at UBA, it’ll be pulled apart and scrutinized by the public not to mention everybody in this building.”

After Alex interviewed Paul on Alex Unfiltered, the sparks that had built between them throughout the season finally caught fire. This has stirred up fresh levels of controversy as the $40 billion deal with the tech mogul is about to close. Alex vetted him herself, but her striving for authority has been a theme since the first episode of Season 3 of the drama series.

Cory’s role itself could be in jeopardy at the company since Paul suggested Stella Bak (Greta Lee) could take his job. Stella grappled with this moral quandary in “Strict Scrutiny.” Of course, Cory sought out Marks in the first place because UBA was in big trouble.

The clip only hints at all the internal power struggles that have taken place since the start of “The Morning Show.” Season 3 only heats up, and especially with tech titan Paul Marks entering the mix.


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