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How White Jeans Changed One New Yorker’s Life (Podcast)

In our latest ”Shoot This Now,“ we examine a very smart fashion statement

What’s your favorite article of clothing? For one New Yorker featured on “The Nod” podcast, the answer is easy: a pair of white jeans that took him from eating ramen to dining at swanky steakhouses.

“The Nod” is a podcast from Gimlet Media in which co-hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings explore beautiful, complicated and beautifully complicated facets of African-American culture, from Luther Vandross’ torment of En Vogue to the 1973 fashion standoff known as the Battle of Versailles.

It’s one of our favorites, which is why we focused on the white jeans story for the latest edition of our own podcast, “Shoot This Now.” Matt Donnelly and I spend every episode of “Shoot This Now” identifying stories we think should be made into films. (Or TV shows. We’re open-minded.)

You can listen here on iTunes or listen here if you’re not on iTunes, or listen right below:

White jeans are almost a perfect super power, because, like the radioactive isotope that both blinded Dardevil and heightened his other senses, they create simultaneous power and vulnerability. Yes, they radiate fabulousness. But they can also mark you as a fashion pariah for much of the year, and, of course, they stain.

We also spend a fair amount of time, maybe too much, talking about Dumbo’s magic feather, and our weird feelings about Dumbo in general.

Have a great weekend, everybody.