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The NRA Started Tweeting Again As Soon As We Asked Why They Stopped

The gun lobby group was radio silent for almost two days following Orlando massacre

The National Rifle Association went radio silent after the massacre that took the lives of 49 people and injured another 53 — but broke its silence Monday.

A quick look at the group’s Twitter account shows the NRA usually sends out anywhere from 7 to 16 tweets a day. On Friday, May 10, it tweeted 11 messages. The day before that, 8 tweets. And before that, 15 tweets, including a whole bunch slamming Katie Couric’s new doc for its eight-second faux pax.

But after the Orlando shooting, which marked the worst terrorist attack on American soil since the Sept. 11th attacks, there were no tweets from the group on Sunday or most of Monday.

We called the NRA to see why they hadn’t tweeted in so long. The nice lady over the phone promise to relay our request. And just a minute later, there it was…  a brand new Tweet.

The timing seemed… interesting. After 41 hours of nothing but cricket sounds, suddenly the group was a regular Chatty Kathy…