‘The Originals’ Star Daniel Gillies Teases Season 3 Conflict: ‘It’s an Alliance on Its Last Thread of Trust’ (Video)

The actor also discusses the drawbacks of plotting a show on network TV in TheWrap’s latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars”

“The Originals” star Daniel Gillies‘ character’s hostile relationship with his brother will set off a dramatic series of developments in Season 3, the actor tells TheWrap in the latest episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”

“I think the rift between them is going to precipitate the chain of events,” Gillies, who plays original vampire Elijah Mikaelson, tells host Greg Gilman. “It’s not just a begrudging alliance now — it’s an alliance on its last thread of trust.”

Season 2 concluded with Elijah turning his back on his brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) after more betrayal, only to return to his side at the very end of the episode at the request of werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), the mother of Klaus’ child who is in desperate need of a positive influence now that she is cursed to wander the world primarily in wolf form.

Does Gillies think Elijah and Klaus will ever get along? Since he identifies that as “the fundamental problem of the entire show,” no, probably not. But he’s not sure what their tumultuous relationship is building up to either, because the writers are taking the plot one season at a time.

“I think there’s no way to determine how to strategize taking a show from A to Z on network television,” Gillies says. “I think that the HBOs of the world, the AMCs … like, I do believe “Breaking Bad” was an arc that they foresaw and that they fulfilled, but I just think that with us there’s just no way. There’s just too many variables.”

“The Originals” will return to The CW next fall.

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