The Rock Punks Autograph-Seeking Fans, Admits ‘I’m an A–hole’ (Video)

Hey, a 16-hour workday would bring out the devil in anyone

dwayne johnson the rock
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What better way to celebrate wrapping a movie than to approach a group of fans who are waiting for you in the middle of the night, get their hopes up, and then smash those hopes with a crushing pile-driver of a joke?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson indulged in just such a celebration this week and, in an added twist, shared the semi-cruel prank on Instagram for all the world to revel in.

Johnson posted a video to his Instagram account on Friday, detailing the prank with an explanation that sleep deprivation might have driven him to the devilish moment.

“Exhausted from the work day, but always make time to have a lil’ fun. And by have a lil’ fun I mean I’m an a–hole,” Johnson wrote. “Hey I haven’t slept in days so I have an excuse. Greatest fans in the world. Grateful man. Luv U back!”

In the video, Johnson, fresh off of wrapping “Skyscraper” with a 16-hour workday, drives toward a group of fans who, despite it being 1:15 a.m., are faithfully awaiting his arrival.

“Hey, how you guys doing?” Johnson asks enthusiastically as he approaches them.

Asked if he would sign an autograph or two, Johnson dismissively declares, “Nah, I don’t like fans” before driving away from them.

Before you fire off a petition to boycott “Skyscraper” over Johnson’s cruelty, rest assured; he did stop and give the fans autographs. Eventually. But not before having a laugh at their temporary expense.

Watch Johnson punk his fans in the video.