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Is There More to ‘The Shining’? ‘Long Cuts’ of Kubrick Film up for Auction in Italy

Stanley Kubrick’s former assistant, Emilio D’Alessandro has listed a bunch of the director’s memorabilia on an Italian auction website

Is there a secret cut of Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic “The Shining”? According to a listing on an Italian auction site, it looks like the answer is yes.

A treasure trove of Kubrick memorabilia has been posted on the Italian auction site Aste Bolaffi by Emilio D’Alessandro, Kubrick’s former personal assistant. The auction includes pieces from Kubrick films like “A Clockwork Orange,” “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and “Dr. Strangelove,” but the hot item is what appears to be multiple copies of an extended version of “The Shining.”

Dubbed “long cuts,” according to the listing’s description this apparently never-before-seen version of the Stephen King adaptation contains “the scene in which Wendy, played by Shelley Alexis Duvall, carries Danny, played by little Danny Lloyd.”

No other context is mentioned, and it’s not clear if this version includes any other previously-deleted scenes. But the listing notes that the cuts “are particularly rare” because Kubrick “notoriously burned all the leftovers at the conclusion of the editing.”

If you want to buy yourself a piece of unseen movie history, bidding will start at €3,000 — or about $3,700. But since the final bid is likely to be much, much higher, you’ll probably want to be all work and no play between now and the start of bidding.

If you can’t get a copy of the long cut of “The Shining,” don’t worry — there’s still plenty of merch for sale. You can try for a pair of military shovels used during the production of “Full Metal Jacket” (bidding starts at €500, or $618 U.S.). You can get an original print of the “A Clockwork Orange” poster (€150, $185 U.S.). Or if you’re feeling really spendy, go for one of the burgundy corduroy jackets worn by Jack Nicholson throughout the film (€12,000, ~$15,000 U.S.).

There’s plenty more. See the full listing of the Kubrick items up for auction here.

Bloody Disgusting first reported the auction.