David Chase and HBO Max Are in Talks for a New ‘Sopranos’ Series

WarnerMedia is talking to series creator David Chase about possibilities following “Many Saints of Newark” release

The Sopranos

There’s a chance the “Sopranos” saga might continue with a prequel series on HBO Max, as series creator and “The Many Saints of Newark” writer David Chase are in talks with WarnerMedia about another project set in his iconic mob-drama world.

“We’re talking to David about a new series, ‘Sopranos’ related, on HBO Max,” WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff said in an interview published by Deadline Thursday.

Chase previously said that going back to “The Sopranos” world would only be done in prequel form, whether it were another film or a series set in the ’60s and ’70s, before the events of the original series. Chase also told Deadline he would want to write any new prequel project with “Sopranos” collaborator Terrence Winter.

According to Deadline, Sarnoff, the chair and CEO of WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group, said no decision has been made regarding whether or not Chase’s next “Sopranos” project would become a series or another prequel film like the recently released “Many Saints of Newark.”

But with the renewed interest in “The Sopranos” on HBO Max in response to the new film’s launch — and the fact that Chase recently signed a first-look deal with WarnerMedia that covers film and TV across HBO, HBO Max and Warner Bros. Pictures Group — the possibility for a series or feature seems strong.

“You see ‘The Sopranos’ pop into the top ten of viewed series on the service and it’s given it an entirely new life,” Sarnoff told Deadline. “It’s literally lifted all of ‘The Sopranos’ franchise in a new way.” She added, “You can’t measure just by the box office,” noting “The Many Saints of Newark,” which was released in theaters on Oct. 1, the same day it hit HBO Max, opened lower than Warner Bros. had hoped, bringing in $5 million in ticket sales domestically during its first weekend.

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