The Trump Bump is Real: CNN Sees 124 Percent Lift From the Donald

Chuck Todd’s Sunday exclusive raises “Meet the Press” 49 percent in viewers; Sean Hannity gains with younger audience


The Summer of Trump has been good for business–that is the TV news business.

Trump’s daily sound bite express has given producers ample material to fill segments, shows and haul in ratings.  The latter category has been Trump’s biggest impact. Looking over the last few weeks, Trump’s appearances lifted every show he appeared on.

Wednesday night’s CNN 9 p.m. special featuring Chris Cuomo’s interview with the Donald brought in 1.14 million viewers, boosting the time slot a whopping 124 percent in viewers compared to the previous week, which had an extended hour of “Anderson Cooper 360.” “The Kelly File” on Fox News still won in total viewers with substitute host Martha MacCallum.

Chuck Todd’s Sunday exclusive with the GOP frontrunner, in which he unveiled his plan to deport illegal immigrants, helped the NBC broadcast 49 percent in total viewers and 34 percent in the 25-54 demo compared to the week before. It was also MTP’s biggest victory over CBS’ “Face the Nation” since August, 2012.

On Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly’s Tuesday interview with Trump increased the “O’Reilly Factor” 22 percent in viewers and 31 percent in demo viewers.

Last week, Trump gave Sean Hannity’s program a shot in the arm on Tuesday, helping it to a 31 percent increase in viewers and a 94 percent bump in the younger demo; Wednesday’s part two the interview spiked the program 14 percent in viewers and a five percent demo increase.

In July, the Trump–Anderson Cooper face-off, in which the real estate mogul said the people don’t trust him, boosted the show 18 percent in viewers and 45 percent in the demo.

And of course, Trump lifted Fox News to record cable news ratings: The first GOP debate on August 6th drew 24 million viewers, a cable news and Fox News record.

The ratings magic dust Trump’s been spreading might give credence to his $10 million charity challenge to CNN in order for him to appear in the network’s September presidential debate.

CNN declined comment regarding the challenge but has talked about Trump’s hypothetical challenge on-air Thursday.