‘The View’: Alyssa Farah Griffin Says We Need to ‘Get Past’ DeSantis’ Migrant Stunt and Begin ‘Talking About the Solution’ (Video)

The conservative co-host denounced the ploy, but redirected to Biden: “I have yet to see from President Biden an actual proposal on how we’re dealing with this”

“The View” on Wednesday dove into the ongoing debate over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ stunt in which he flew two planeloads of Venezuelan migrants from his state to Martha’s Vineyard as a ploy to draw attention to the ongoing immigrant crisis on the southern border.

While it’s been a hot-button issue this week with voices on both sides denouncing the action as questionable or even illegal – a Texas sheriff has opened a case against DeSantis to determine if he misled the migrants into boarding the planes and therefore broke the law – but conservative co-host of “The View” Alyssa Farah Griffin indicated that she thinks it’s time to move on and focus on a solution.

“I would say – full stop – what Governor DeSantis did was political theater,” she began in conversation with Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and the rest of “The View” panel. “I come from the Republican party that believes in compassionate conservatism, so not just ‘owning the liberals’ as a policy position.”

But, she said, the political theater of the act is just distracting from what is a “very real” immigration crisis on the United States’ southern border.

“The border is not secure despite the fact that Vice President Harris said that,” she maintained. “We’re on track to have 2 million interdictions at the border of people fleeing. What I think we need to do it to get past just DeSantis and even giving him attention for this stunt and talking about the solution.”

So Farrah Griffin offered one: “One thing that I would suggest is we have bifurcate the asylees and refugees from economic migrants,” she said. “We need to prioritize those who are fleeing violence, persecution, communism. I’ve worked with Afghan refugees to help get them rehoused in the U.S. That should be the priority. Not to say there isn’t a place to help economic migrants, but those are the people who should be coming first.”

“I worry that we’re kind of dancing around each other taking political swipes,” she concluded, “and I have yet to see from President Biden an actual proposal on how we’re dealing with this.”

Watch the full segment – and what Hostin, Goldberg and others had to say about the growing case against DeSantis’ actions – in the video above.