‘The View’ Host Alyssa Farah Griffin Says ‘There’s No Strategy’ to Trump’s On-Stage Mix-Ups: ‘He’s Just Slowing Down’

“He is not as sharp as he was in 2016, and many of us would argue he wasn’t even that sharp then,” the ABC host says


As Donald Trump continues to mix up names and cities on stage at his rallies, some suspect it might be something he’s doing on purpose. But “The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin definitely does not.

The discussion kicked off Tuesday’s Hot Topics, as Trump most recently has been consistently referring to the fact that he’s beating Obama, who is, of course, not running. Host Sunny Hostin deferring to Farah Griffin as “the expert” on Trump’s antics and strategies, but the former Trump aide has long been vocal about her belief that the ex-president is clearly off his game.

“Listen, he has lost his speed on his fastball, or whatever botched baseball metaphor,” Farah Griffin said. “You can watch him, he is not as sharp as he was in 2016, and many of us would argue he wasn’t even that sharp then. You see a real decline in him, it is a fact that you can’t get past.”

What really bothered Farah Griffin though was that polling — though she and her co-hosts are reluctant to believe polls in general — has indicated that Trump’s on-stage gaffes don’t bother his supporters. But, those same people are the first ones to say President Biden is too old and not cognitively present enough for a second term.

“If you’re gonna call out one for the gaps — Joe Biden’s had plenty of them — you gotta call out Trump too,” Farah Griffin said. There’s no strategy there, he’s just slowing down.”

That said, host Sara Haines isn’t totally sure that Trump is in a mental decline. But that’s only because she doesn’t think he knows basic facts to begin with.

“When we talk about a decline, you’d imply that they knew in the first place,” Haines said. “It would not surprise me if Donald Trump did not know we had World War II.”

She continued, “He’s not exactly a military guy. And I don’t even mean this insulting; when you’ve skated through your life with no accountability and you have money and you have power, maybe it doesn’t matter how you test on your history test. I don’t know if he knows there’s — he doesn’t even know he lost an election!”

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