‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Roasts DeSantis for ‘3rd or 4th Reboot’ of Campaign: Only Cher Reinvents This Much

“Ron DeSantis was supposed to be the great non-Trump vote,” Navarro mocked

"The View" (Credit: ABC)

“The View” returned for its 27th season on Tuesday, and host Ana Navarro wasted no time in getting in her first digs of the season at several people, including Florida governor Ron DeSantis. The ABC host likened the Republican presidential hopeful to Cher, given how many times he’s had to “reboot” his campaign.

Naturally, the hosts of “The View” had to spend most of their first show back playing catch-up, considering how much news happened while they were on their Summer break. That included discussing the first Republican presidential debate, in which DeSantis was expected to be the clear winner.

Instead, Navarro argued, Vivek Ramaswamy drew all the attention, which she considered “a huge, huge indictment — not real indictment, political indictment, because you gotta say the difference now — on Ron DeSantis.”

“Ron DeSantis was supposed to be the great non-Trump vote,” Navarro mocked. “And he’s, right now, 46 points beneath Trump, and I think he’s like on his third or fourth reboot of his campaign. The only person who gets to reinvent themselves that much is Cher.”

Elsewhere in the segment, Navarro criticized all the Republicans, including DeSantis, who raised their hand when asked if they’d still support Donald Trump as the nominee, even if he’s convicted on any of the 91 criminal charges he’s currently facing.

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