‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Cackles at DeSantis’ ‘Complete Self-Own’ in Shoe-Lift Drama: Thought ‘Men in Heels Are a Threat to Society?’

“It’s too bad he has no drag queen friends, ’cause maybe they would have taught him how to walk in heels!” the ABC host says

The View

Ana Navarro is thoroughly enjoying the drama surrounding Ron DeSantis and his shoes. On Thursday morning’s episode of “The View,” the ABC host delighted in how it’s such a “complete self-own” by the Florida governor, considering he’s made his opinions on men wearing high heels very clear.

For those who haven’t kept up, DeSantis is currently swatting down rumors that he wears lifts in his shoes in order to make himself appear taller, after folks on social media started roasting some odd-looking boots he’s been wearing. DeSantis maintains that he does not wear lifts, and that he’s 5-foot-11.

As moderator Whoopi Goldberg teed up the segment and gave viewers context around the drama that’s been plaguing DeSantis, Ana Navarro could only laugh loudly as each new detail and development was summed up. And, when it came time for her to weigh in on the situation, she wasn’t even a little sorry about it.

“Call me petty, I know you will, that’s never stopped me before! I am relishing and enjoying this story so much,” Navarro said, once she was able to compose herself. “Because, honestly, he has been terrorizing my drag queen friends in Florida well over a year, because he has said that men in heels are a threat to society.”

At that, Navarro paused to laugh a little more at the irony, before pointing out that drag queens might actually have been able to help DeSantis in this situation.

“It’s too bad he has no drag queen friends, ’cause maybe they would have taught him how to walk in heels!” she mocked.

As the discussion went on, host Sara Haines admitted that she doesn’t love that people are picking on DeSantis’ height, because there are so many other things to roast him on. But, Navarro chimed in noting that no one is actually making fun of how tall DeSantis is, just the fact that he’s trying to hide it.

“We’re not picking on his height, he’s picking on his height! This is a complete self-own by Ron DeSantis,” she said. “Donald Trump’s words got into his head, and he is trying to pretend –“

From there, the women started talking over each other and debating more, making the end of Navarro’s sentence mostly inaudible, beyond the phrase “Napoleonic complex.”


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