Bernie Sanders Names His Celebrity Crush on ‘The View’ (Video)

ABC daytime talk show panelists grill Democratic presidential candidate about his personal life

“The View” hosts had Bernie Sanders answer a few personal questions on Friday’s show, and the Democratic presidential candidate played along, revealing his celebrity crush in the process.

And that lucky lady is the ABC daytime talk show’s own Joy Behar — certainly good news for her, since she declared last year that she is “aroused by him.”

“I find him to be eye candy, not ear candy … eye candy,” the comedian said on an October episode of the show. “I like an old Jewish guy who’s a socialist — that’s my kind of guy.”

After Sanders revealed his affection for Behar, guest host Sunny Hostin joked, “We are going to be hearing about this at every single morning meeting next week and the week after.”

The playful questions came after the panelists, including Behar, Raven-Symoné, Paula Faris and guest hosts Hostin and Jedediah Bila, pressed Sanders on the recent negative tone of the Democratic primary campaigns, as well as his 2005 vote to protect gun manufacturers.

The candidate declared Martin Sheen on “The West Wing” to be his favorite fictional president.

The hosts also sent him off with a few parting gifts, including a subway card. The gift was a joking reference to a recent interview Sanders gave to the New York Daily News editorial board in which he made it clear he hasn’t used New York’s public transportation system in quite some time.

Sanders was also given a slice of pizza, and a chance to demonstrate his status as a “real New Yorker” by folding it in half and eating it with his hands, rather than with a fork and knife.