‘The View’ Blasts Madonna for Bashing Beyonce and Whining About White House

“She needs to find herself a nice 25-year-old and call it a day,” says guest host Joy Behar

The Queen of Pop is upset that she hasn’t met the Leader of the Free World, and the ladies of “The View” say the fights she’s picking with other artists cross the line.

“Beyonce doesn’t need Jay-Z — all due respect to Jay, and I love him too — but [she] doesn’t need Jay-Z to be invited to the White House,” panelist Rosie Perez said, in response to a quote from Madonna in Us Weekly that suggested she’d get a presidential invite if she was hitched to the rapper.

Madonna theorized in her interview with the gossip magazine that President Obama finds her too “shocking” to be invited to the White House. But “View” host Whoopi Goldberg has another theory.

“Maybe he’s not into her music,” Goldberg said.

Nicolle Wallace, who served as communications director for President George W. Bush, said Madonna’s complaints come with the territory of being a popular president among Hollywood types.

“There are not very many things about being a Republican president that are better — when it comes to Hollywood — that are better than being a Democratic president,” Wallace said. “When you have your convention, nobody famous comes. But the really good thing about being a Republican president is that Madonna never wants to visit you.”

“The White House press secretary, who’s fielding calls about Syria, and Afghanistan, and Iraq, and the economy, today will have to go ask the president ‘Um, sir, how do you want me to deal with questions about Madonna never being invited here,’” Wallace added. “And Obama’s going to be like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

Guest panelist Joy Behar had a suggestion to quiet the whole controversy:

“She needs to find herself a nice 25-year-old and call it a day,” the comedienne said.

Watch “The View” segment on Madonna, Beyonce, and President Obama above or click here.