‘The View’ Crew Defends Elisabeth Hasselbeck Over Sandra Bland Cigarette Question (Video)

“She has not asked me to pick any cotton,” Whoopi Golberg says of former co-host who’s been accused of racism

Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on “The View” rushed to the aid of former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday’s episode, defending her against charges of racism.

Hasselbeck, who exited “The View” in 2013 and currently appears on Fox News, has come under fire for a question regarding Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her Texas jail cell three days after being arrested during a routine traffic stop. Hasselbeck pondered whether Bland’s cigarette could have been used a weapon against the arresting officer, prompting many to brand Hasselbeck, known as a conservative voice on “The View,” as racist.

Goldberg was quick to dispel that notion, contending that Hasselbeck was doing her job as a journalist.

“Somehow, suddenly, it is no longer OK to pose a question that will give you an answer in order to best understand what’s going on,” Goldberg marveled.

Goldberg touted her personal experience with Hasselbeck as proof that the latter isn’t racist.

“We’ve been friends for about seven, eight years, and she has not asked me to pick any cotton,” Goldberg noted.

Newly minted “View” cohost Michelle Collins expressed her doubts.

“You kind of have an idea of who watches Fox News,” Collins chimed in.  “To ask if a cigarette could be used as a weapon … well, yeah, anything can be used as a weapon.”

Raven-Symone offered her own perspective on the topic, noting, “There are a lot of people of color who think that white people shouldn’t ask certain questions because they don’t understand it … and I don’t think that’s fair.

“We have to stop being so sensitive,” Raven-Symone added.

“I didn’t find it offensive at all. I felt that she was asking a provocative question as a  journalist,” said Rosie Perez, who questioned whether the same conversation would occur if Matt Lauer had asked the question that Hasselbeck did.

Goldberg weighed in with the last word on the subject.

“If we stop asking questions, how will we ever know the truth?” Goldberg asked. “Relax; you’ll recognize the real racists. You know them when you see them and when you hear them. This woman sat here for 12 years and had disagreements that does not make her a frickin’ racist. Sorry.”

Goldberg and crew were far less sympathetic toward “Paper Towns” actress Cara Delevingne, who made headlines Wednesday for a painfully awkward interview on “Good Day Sacramento.”

“When you’re a famous movie star and you get to go on a local news show to promote a movie that you want people to spend $18 to go watch, you don’t get to act like a bitch,” Nicolle Wallace offered.

Raven-Symone attempted to defend Delevingne, positing, “You don’t know if she’s on her period,” but Goldberg took issue with the characterization of Delevingne as famous.

“Suck it up,” Goldberg advised Delevingne. “She’s not a famous actress, she’s a newbie — naw, honey, I’m famous.”

Goldberg continued, “There’s professional and there’s unprofessional … we’re checking you, babe; we’re checking you. That was not the way to handle that, Cara.”

Watch clips from Wednesday’s episode below.