‘The View’ Fans Shame ‘Irresponsible’ Return of Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Still a ‘Fake, Self Serving Prig’

Hasselbeck spent most of the show shaming abortion rights activists

The View

Many fans of “The View” definitely haven’t missed Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and they made that clear with her return to the show on Wednesday. As she spent most of the show shaming abortion rights activists, viewers were vocal in their contempt for her on social media.

To kick off the show, the panel discussed Tuesday’s primary in Kansas, in which voters overwhelmingly rejected efforts to remove the right to an abortion from the state constitution. While most of the panel celebrated, Haselbeck did not, claiming that “just because something is a right, doesn’t make it right.”

She then proceeded to continually cite her religious beliefs on the matter – arguing that abortion is wrong “according to god” – while simultaneously claiming that she doesn’t force her religion onto others. Fans decidedly disagreed.

“Lord, I’m sick of Elizabeth all ready,” one person tweeted. “You can’t force your beliefs on others. And those options she speaks of don’t address all circumstances or all individuals. Please don’t bring her back.”

Longtime viewers who remember watching the show when Hasselbeck was a full-time co-host appeared to be having flashbacks. “Two minutes in I remember why I was so relieved when Elisabeth Hasselbeck left,” one person wrote.

“Why torture your viewers with Hasselbeck? I couldn’t stand her then – can’t stand her now. She continues to be an annoying, righteous, fake, self serving prig #TheView. We expect better,” another posted.

As the guest host continued to express her beliefs on abortion, she repeatedly called on women to work with organizations to get their children adopted by families who want and are ready for them. Many fans scoffed at the idea.

“I would never leave my child to be adopted to the likes of Elizabeth Hassleback? Are y’all crazy,” one watcher wrote.

You can check out more skewering of Hasselbeck’s return below.