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‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Says ‘Defund the Police’ Is the ‘Biggest Gift Republicans Have Ever Been Given’ (Video)

”And let’s make it very clear, Republicans didn’t come up with that,“ the host says

As the 2022 midterm elections grow closer, Meghan McCain is pretty convinced that anyone saying “defund the police” is going to lose. In fact, she sees the term as a distinct advantage for GOP hopefuls.

Discussing the Republican strategy for midterms during Monday’s episode of “The View,” the panel of women touched on the recent spike in violent crime across the country, arguing that the general public is understandably worried for their safety.

As a result, the strategy for many Republican hopefuls seems to be running a campaign focused on law and order. Pointing to recent races on local levels, Meghan McCain noted that it was these candidates who came out on top.

“The hyper-progressive candidates that ran on things like defunding the police in the general elections, and running for president against President Biden, they didn’t get anywhere,” McCain argued.

She then went on to say that using “defund the police” as part of a progressive platform was just a form of pandering, based on opinions voiced on social media.

“I think it’s important for Republicans to understand that Democrats cow-towed to a Twitter audience a lot of times. They cow-towed to people in the media,” McCain said. “And it has been shown that statistically, if Twitter were a voting block, it would be the second most liberal voting block in the Congressional District in the United States. So, the biggest gift Republicans have ever been given is the term ‘defund the police.’ And let’s make it very clear, Republicans didn’t come up with that. I thought it was the stupidest thing I ever heard when I first heard it being used.”

Though the rest of the women did not get a chance respond to McCain, Joy Behar quickly noted that “The other things that [Republicans] harping on sound like race baiting to me,” before sending the show to break.

You can watch the full discussion via the video above.