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‘The View’ Hosts Praise Sean Hannity for Chastising Armed Protesters (Video)

”Your message will never be heard,“ Hannity warned gun-toting protesters Monday night

In a true sign that we are living in topsy-turvy times as the coronavirus pandemic decimates the old American way of life, “The View” co-hosts praised Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday for his Monday night chastisement of armed protesters.

The ABC daytime show’s Joy Behar, hardly one to agree with Hannity or any of Fox News’ opinion hosts, praised him during the broadcast, saying, “First of all, things are really bad when even Sean Hannity is out there telling these crazy people to stop it.” She added there’s been “radio silence” from “the right” aside from Hannity speaking out against armed protest Monday.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg called it “very weird” for Behar to back Hannity at all, but she, too, agreed with his sentiments.

Monday night, the conservative primetime host urged viewers not to continue protesting with rifles and other firearms, as some Michiganders did at their capitol building last Thursday.

He listed places where protests have broken out against “restrictive lockdown policies,” including California and Boston, then pivoted: “Michigan – I don’t like this part. In Michigan — I’m the number-one supporter in radio and television, that I know of, First Amendment, and the Second Amendment. Now, no one is a bigger defender of the Second Amendment than yours truly. Everyone has a right to protest, protect themselves and try to get the country open. This, with the militia look here and these long guns? Uh, no.”

Hannity, who is indeed a vocal supporter of the Second Amendment’s assurance of the right to bear arms, went on, saying, “Show of forces is dangerous. That puts our police at risk and, by the way, your message will never be heard, whoever you people are. No one should be attempting to intimidate officials with a show of force snd God forbid something happens, then they’re going to go after all of us law-abiding Second Amendment people.”