‘The View’ Hosts Rip Melania Trump for Auctioning Off White House Wardrobe Items: ‘It’s Grifts ‘R’ Us’

“I think it’s tacky, but I think it’s very much on brand for the Trumps,” Ana Navarro said

The View

The hosts of “The View” are judging Melania Trump’s latest antics pretty harshly, after the former First Lady announced that she’s auctioning off some of her belongings.

Trump announced on Tuesday that she is auctioning off the hat she wore when the French first family, the Macrons, visited the White House in 2018. In addition to the hat, Trump is selling a watercolor painting of her eyes and an NFT of herself. The items will have a minimum opening bid of $250,000 — which can only be paid using cryptocurrency.

The general consensus from “The View” panel? “I think it’s tacky, but I think it’s very much on brand for the Trumps,” Ana Navarro said.

Host Sunny Hostin agreed with Navarro’s choice of descriptors, going one further and calling it “basement level tacky.” Hostin compared Melania’s actions with former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy, who donated items to various institutions, and suggested Trump’s plan is just a money grab.

“It sounds a little bit like an exit plan, if I’m being honest. We know that Donald Trump is in a lot of trouble as the former, disgraced twice-impeached president, and he’s being investigated through the wazoo, as his companies are,” Hostin added. “So he doesn’t have a lot of money, and Melania probably needs money because she hasn’t really done much in terms of a career. And so I think it sounds a little bit desperate and like an exit plan. She needs money.”

Meanwhile, guest host Yvette Nicole Brown (filling in for Whoopi Goldberg, who’s out this week recovering from COVID) joked that she actually wishes she had Melania Trump’s infamous “I don’t care, do you?” jacket, because she really does not care about anything the former First Lady is selling, ever.

“I think this is the dumbest thing she could’ve done, and it’s just on brand,” Brown said. “It’s ‘Grifts ‘R’ Us’ with the backwards R.”