‘The View’ Hosts Shrug Off Bill Gates’ Infidelity: ‘Men in Power Cheat… and Water Is Wet’

“I’m not judging people who commit adultery but still do great things,” Joy Behar says

The View

The hosts of “The View” are not at all surprised by the news that Bill Gates cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife. And honestly, they don’t particularly care.

The topic came up on Monday’s episode of “The View,” after new reports that in the process of divorcing Melinda Gates, Bill Gates admitted to having an affair with an employee 20 years ago. The question that came next was simply: will Gates’ career and legacy actually be tarnished by this revelation? For the panel of women, the answer was a resounding “no.”

“You know, this guys saves countries,” Joy Behar said. “And I don’t think that his personal peccadillos have had any effect, negatively, on what he does for the world with his money. I’m a fan of his.”

Behar went on to compare the situation to FDR having an affair with his secretary while he was president. She argued that the news did absolutely nothing to diminish what he did for the country, or her opinion of him.

“I’m not judging people who commit adultery, but still do great things,” Behar finished.

For host Meghan McCain, it was less about the good things Bill Gates has done, and more about the fact that the affair isn’t exactly shocking. When asked for her thoughts, she laughed and made it quite simple: “Men follow their penises.”

McCain recalled the scandal surrounding General David Petraeus, and his infamous affair with Paula Broadwell, who he had chosen to be his official biographer. The affair resulted in Petraeus resigning as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Men in power cheat on their wives, and water is wet, and there’s gambling in Casablanca, okay?” McCain added cheekily. “I mean, sorry, it’s not revelatory.”


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