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‘The View': Joy Behar Battles Co-Hosts on Teaching Sex to Preschoolers (Video)

Debate erupts over Carly Fiorina’s pro-life speech before kids in Iowa on Wednesday

The hosts of “The View” blasted Carly Fiorina for holding an anti-abortion rally in the presence of preschoolers, with Joy Behar equating the stunt to teaching sex education in schools.

“She was obviously not very proactive in getting the children out … Do you think she was teaching sex education in the schools?” Behar asked on Friday’s show, pointing out that many Republican candidates object to school-sanctioned sex ed.

The panel was discussing the recent controversy surrounding Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who has taken some heat for delivering a speech about abortion in front of a group of young children on a field trip.

Behar’s co-hosts were skeptical of the comparison, with Paula Faris calling it “a bit of a stretch” and guest host Sherri Shepherd saying, “That’s like comparing apples to sex education.”

The conversation then pivoted to a debate about the right age to begin teaching children about sex.

“Sometimes I think we get carried away with exposing children to things they may not be ready for,” said CNN legal analyst Sunny Hostin, saying she has problems with some of the things her kids’ school is teaching them about sex.

“I disagree completely,” Behar said. “I think you should teach sex ed at a very young age … The younger the better, so that they get used to hearing all the things that you’re embarrassed to tell them when they’re older.”

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