‘The View’: Joy Behar Calls Out Her Dead 4th Grade Teacher for Childhood Insult to Her Hair

“I’m still angry at you for calling me Brillo-head,” the ABC host says

The View

If there’s anyone who can hold a grudge in this world, it’s apparently Joy Behar. On Wednesday morning’s episode of “The View,” the host called out her fourth grade teacher — who is now dead — for an insult he flung at her when she was a child.

The moment came during the second Hot Topic of the day, in which the ABC hosts debated the therapeutic abilities of writing a letter to someone you’re angry with, but not actually sending it. In explaining how it works, Behar first made host Ana Navarro do the exercise verbally, which of course resulted in Navarro “writing” to Donald Trump, and calling out every way he’s hurt the country.

Navarro jokingly asked “Am I gonna be here the whole hour?” and cut herself short. So to give an easier example, Behar revealed that if she were going to write an angry letter to someone, it would be to her fourth grade teacher — who is no longer around.

“Dear Mr. Frisher, I know you’re dead, but I’m still angry at you for calling me Brillo-head,” Behar recited.

At that, both her cohosts and the audience expressed audible shock at the insult, prompting Behar to thank them for their support, before explaining the context of said barb.

“I was a little kid. ‘Brillo-head, find Portugal on the map,’” she recalled. “That’s not nice! And I didn’t even know where Portugal was, that’s the horrible part.”

Navarro offered some comforting words though, reminding Behar that “Now you’re on TV, you’ve got a glam team, and you’ve been to Portugal!”

“But he’s dead,” Behar deadpanned back.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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