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‘The View': Joy Behar Calls Out Dr Oz for Belonging to ‘A Party That Denies Science’ (Video)

”What does it say about you, Dr. Oz?“ Behar sniped

Joy Behar continues to be baffled by the fact that Dr. Mehmet Oz is making a run for a Senate seat — particularly as a Republican. Considering the fact that he’s a medical doctor, Behar questioned on Thursday why he would belong to the GOP, which actively “vilifies” scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The topic came up as the women were discussing Donald Trump’s recent endorsement of Oz, which even some fervent Trump supporters, like Laura Ingraham, have called “a mistake.” The hosts of “The View” then dug in on the apparent fascination with installing celebrities into political office (though, as Behar pointed out, female celebrities like Roseanne Barr and Cynthia Nixon have not had the same luck people like Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have had).

As the conversation went on, host Sunny Hostin questioned why Oz is still even a celebrity at this point, considering some of his past actions, including in 2018 when Oz settled a class action lawsuit claiming he misrepresented the effectiveness some weight loss pills.

“I thought he sort of went into ill repute but that’s obviously not important to a lot of people,” Hostin said. “It certainly isn’t important to the former, twice disgraced, impeached President.”

Meanwhile, Behar questioned why Oz ever joined the Republican party in the first place, considering his chosen career path, which is obviously reliant on scientific evidence.

“What does it say about a physician, Oz, who’s now in a party that denies science?” Behar said. “That vilifies Dr. Fauci. What does it say about you Dr. Oz?”

You can watch the full segment on Dr. Oz’s political aspirations, as well as how celebrity candidates are received, in the video above.