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‘The View': Joy Behar Says Joe Manchin ‘Doesn’t Give a Hoot’ About the Country (Video)

”Why are the West Virginians — why would they put up with this man?“ the host asked

Joy Behar is pretty confused on how Senator Joe Manchin keeps getting elected. On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” she questioned why his constituents continue to put up with him, since she feels it’s clear he “doesn’t give a hoot” about them or the country as a whole.

To kick off the Hot Topics of the day, the panel of women began discussing the voting rights reform legislation that is set to be voted on this evening. The bill hinges on changes to the filibuster, which fellow democratic Senators Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have openly said they would oppose.

But at this point, Behar is surprised they’re even still being labeled Democrats, and can’t quite figure out why Manchin in particular keeps finding support amongst voters.

“This is a guy who basically doesn’t want the poor people in his state to have a child tax credit, because he thinks they will use the money for drugs. And he doesn’t want paid sick leave, because it might encourage people to lie so they can go on hunting trips,” Behar said. “Why are the West Virginians — why would they put up with this man who doesn’t give a hoot about them, the environment, or the Democratic Party, or the country at this point? Answer me that question.”

That said, host Ana Navarro disagreed.

“I don’t think West Virginians feel that way,” Navarro said. “And I’ve told you that I put Manchin and Sinema in very different categories. Because Manchin has always been a moderate, and he is a fixture in West Virginia. They’ve elected him time and time again.”

Navarro then argued that it was Sinema who has been hoodwinking her voters.

“Kyrsten Sinema, this was the first time she was elected. And Kyrsten Sinema was a progressive liberal, who used to show up and protest against Democrat moderates! And so I think she pulled a bait and switch on the voters of Arizona.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.

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