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‘The View': Joy Behar Suggests ‘Crooked Hillary’ Use Nickname ‘Racist Trump’ (Video)

Co-host offers rhetorical suggestions to arm the Democratic frontrunner in her upcoming battle with the billionaire

“The View’s” Joy Behar suggested that Hillary Clinton, who was recently dubbed “Crooked Hillary” by Donald Trump, should fight fire with fire and come up with a nickname of her own for the GOP frontrunner.

“She needs a name for him. What do you think? How about ‘Racist Trump’?” Behar said on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show. “How about ‘Misogynist, Racist Trump’?”

“You could go ‘Crooked Clinton’ and go with the alliteration,” suggested Paula Faris when co-host Michelle Collins argued the name should rhyme. “And then you could do ‘Teflon Trump,’ you could do ‘Toupe√© Trump.'”

But not everyone on the panel was amused by the conversation. Co-host Raven-Symon√©, who’s spent much of the last few months calling on the presidential candidates to act like adults, was visibly irritated by the suggestion that Clinton should adopt Trump’s tactics.

“We don’t need to be name-calling like they do; we’re stooping to their level,” she said. “It’s a child’s game. I’m sorry, I stopped acting like that when I was 12.”

Behar responded by pointing out that it seems to be working for Trump, so it could be a politically useful strategy for Clinton, if not a particularly classy move.