‘The View’: Joy Behar Suggests Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell Go to Space to ‘Save the Earth’ (Video)

And Meghan McCain argues the money being used to fund the billionaire space race could be much better spent

Joy Behar would be more than OK if Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell decide they want to be the next civilians in space. In fact, she thinks that would be great for the rest of the planet.

Kicking off “The View” on Monday with a discussion on the recent race to space between billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, Behar and her co-hosts were largely apathetic. Though the women all said they understand the men’s desire to go to space, they felt that the money being used to fund those endeavors could be going to better causes (for hosts Sara Haines and Meghan McCain, the biggest suggestion was cancer research for children).

Still, Behar said she understood where Bezos was coming from — and then used that logic to suggest the next civilians who should be launched into orbit.

“In high school he told his classmates he wanted to save the Earth by sending millions of its inhabitants into space,” Behar said. “I can relate to that. I won’t name names. You know, maybe Mitch McConnell wants to go into space, maybe Ted Cruz wants to take a trip, I could see that!”

She added that Branson’s reasoning for going to space was relatable as well. “Branson said that he wanted to experience weightlessness. Well I totally identify with that one,” she noted with a laugh.

Behar’s cohosts did not respond to her suggestion of launching Cruz and McConnell into space, as the discussion promptly moved on.

You can watch the full conversation on “The View” via the video above.


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