‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Suggests Trump Was Selling Top Secret Documents: ‘Always Follow the Money’ (Video)

“I mean, didn’t he just bury his ex wife on his golf course so he can get a tax break?” Behar said

Joy Behar is pretty confident she knows what Donald Trump’s intent was for the many classified documents the FBI found at his Mar-a-Lago estate: He was selling them.

“The View” returned to kick off its 26th season on Tuesday, and considering the ladies were off for a month, they dedicated the entire show to a Hot Topics discussion, catching up on all the headlines they missed while on vacation. Among those headlines was, of course, the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago by the FBI, which resulted in thousands of top secret documents being taken from the premises.

As the investigation continues — most recently being held up after Trump got approval to appoint a special master to oversee the documents — the core question behind pressing charges against the twice-impeached former president has been, as Behar noted, what his intention was in keeping the documents.

“You know, always follow the money with Trump,” Behar said. “I mean, didn’t he just bury his ex wife on his golf course so he can get a tax break?”

Behar then joked that “every time I see poor Melania’s face, it looks like, ‘Is he gonna put me on the ninth hole next?’” which got uproarious laughter from the audience, as well as the rest of the table. But, as moderator Whoopi Goldberg attempted to take the show to break, Behar snuck in her overall point.

“Who was he selling [them] to?” she wondered about the documents.

Meanwhile, the rest of the table largely mocked Trump and Republicans for quickly coming to Trump’s defense over the scandal, with newly appointed host Alyssa Farah Griffin calling it “rank hypocrisy.” Moderator Whoopi Goldberg echoed the sentiment, pointing out how angry Republicans were over Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016.

“It’s just kind of funny how they were out of their minds about a couple of pieces of information, emails that she had,” Whoopi said. “People lost their mind. Now this one took stuff, and [he] just took it! And then lied about having it.”

Farah Griffin then noted that she had a pretty high security clearance during her own time at the White House and was baffled by how Trump even got the documents out the door.

“We were warned; had I walked out of the Pentagon or the White House with a classified document and put it in my apartment, I’d be hauled off to prison,” she said. “It’s a federal crime because ‘top secret’ means that it could pose grave national security risks, and he’s got it in his country club.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.