Laurence Fishburne Gifts a Pink Pill to ‘Matrix Superfan’ Sunny Hostin: ‘I’m Fresh Out of Red and Blue’

The ABC host was delighted at the trinket

The View

Laurence Fishburne stopped by “The View” on Thursday morning, with a special gift in hand for host Sunny Hostin. And she promptly geeked out over what was inside.

Fishburne came by the show in support of his new solo show “Like They Do In The Movies,” which, according to the actor’s synopsis of the show, tells audiences “the stories and lies people have told me. And that I have told myself.” In joining the ABC table though, Fishburne recounted his experiences on some of his most beloved projects.

For Hostin, one of those projects is “The Matrix.” As she went to ask Fishburne about it, she first thanked him for a handkerchief he had given her ahead of the show. But, the actor quickly noted that the gift was actually inside the kerchief.

“There’s something in there though, that was for you, ’cause I heard you had a question for me about pills,” Fishburne teased as Hostin unwrapped the fabric. “So what’s in there is a pink pill for you. Because I don’t have any red ones or blue.”

Indeed, Hostin unwrapped the cloth to reveal a small pink pill, though it’s unclear exactly what the pill was. Hostin promptly geeked out about it, revealing that she’s a “superfan” of the film, and watches it every time she happens to catch it on TV.

Fishburne appeared to take quite a bit of joy from that, and explained that the pink pill was solely chosen “because I’m fresh out of red and blue.”

Hostin was delighted, explaining that she thought Fishburne was giving her the hanky because she’s anemic, and has perpetually cold hands. So, the ABC host thought he was giving it to her simply as something she could use on stage to warm up.

At that, Fishburne promptly told her that she could certainly keep the handkerchief too.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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