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‘The View': Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocked for Calling Police on Kimmel – ‘She Is a Joke, and Yet She Can’t Take A Joke’

”I think in the right-wing culture, they call people like you snowflakes,“ Ana Navarro said

The hosts of “The View” tore into Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday morning, mocking the congresswoman for calling the Capitol police on Jimmy Kimmel over a joke he made at her expense.

Earlier this week, Kimmel mocked Greene in his monologue, calling her out for accusing people who disagree with her of pedophilia. “Where’s Will Smith when you need him,” he joked. On Wednesday, Greene tweeted that she had reported “this threat of violence against me” to the Capitol police.

“Touchy, touchy, touchy!” Behar said on Friday morning. “It’s interesting, she is a joke, and yet she can’t take a joke.”

Guest host Ana Navarro agreed, but noted that the upside to Greene calling the Capitol police means that the Congresswoman is aware of their actual purpose.

“I’m really glad that Marjorie Taylor Greene remembers that the Capitol police is there, because she supported insurrectionists who attacked that same police,” Navarro said. “So she should be very grateful that there is a Capitol police there, that it’s there to protect members of congress. Not from jokes, but from insurrectionists.”

Navarro then dug in even further, calling out Greene’s own past actions, in which she verbally harassed people as well.

“Let’s also remember that this is the same Marjorie Taylor Greene who basically harassed a teenager who had just survived a mass shooting,” Navarro continued. “This is the same Marjorie Taylor Greene who accosted and harassed Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. So really sweetheart, you can dish it out but you can’t take it? I think in the right-wing culture, they call people like you snowflakes.