‘The View’: Matthew McConaughey Gives Joy Behar a Foot Massage On-Air – For the 2nd Time

The ABC host was just as pleased as she was the first time around

Matthew McConaughey (Getty Images)
Matthew McConaughey (Credit: Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey stopped by “The View” on Tuesday and, in perhaps the oddest turn of events, ended up massaging host Joy Behar’s foot right there at the table. Though it was undeniably odd, it may not have been a surprising turn of events, considering it’s not the first time it’s happened.

During his appearance (he joined the ladies to promote his new book “Just Because,” not any current film work), host Alyssa Farah Griffin reminded McConaughey that, when he was there in 2006, he ended up giving Behar a foot massage during the show. Behar called it “a highlight of my life” as they played the clip back.

So, it was perhaps inevitable when Behar suddenly smiled and said, “It just so happens I got a pedicure this week,” and once again lifted her bare foot to McConaughey.

The actor went along with the bit though, blowing on his hands and diving right in to give her yet another massage.

“Hey you know who I got this from,” he said as the audience cheered. “This is my dad’s trick.”

McConaughey then told the women how, when he and his brothers were teenagers, his dad would give their dates foot massages before they went out. McConaughey was a good study of his father, apparently, as Behar praised him, saying, “Reflexology is your next career.”

The moment was particularly unexpected, though, considering just minutes earlier, Behar abruptly called McConaughey out for having a friendship with Novak Djokovic and sitting in his box at the U.S. Open.

“Isn’t he an anti-vaxxer?” she bluntly said, as McConaughey explained how much he loved the experience and how he sat behind Djokovic’s parents for the game. “I believe so, yeah. Just saying.”

McConaughey didn’t actually answer that particular question, as Farah Griffin lightly scolded her cohost, saying “Way to bring it down, Joy.”


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