‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Doubles Down on Shedding Masks: ‘Life Is Normal for Me at This Point’ (Video)

The host reiterated her belief that the messaging surrounding the COVID vaccine “has been really bad”

The View

Last week on “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain made it very clear that she is done wearing her mask now that she has he COVID vaccine. On Tuesday, she doubled down on those comments.

The talk show started, as always, with its “Hot Topics” segment, in which the panel of women discussed the recent loosening of COVID restrictions, in regards to wearing masks in public places. In April, the CDC issued notice saying that, while outside, with few people around, fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks. Still, some people are choosing to keep their masks on, prompting the debate between the hosts of “The View.”

“I don’t know why erring on the side of caution is a bad thing,” Whoopi noted, before opening the floor to conversation. When it came time for Meghan McCain to give her thoughts, they were essentially the same as previous comments she’s made.

“I mean, I said this already, I’m double vaccinated and life is normal for me at this point,” McCain responded. That said, McCain noted that she understands that everyone has their own comfort levels, and if they feel safer with a mask on, that’s their prerogative. But then, she circled back once more.

“I think what’s confusing for me, and many people that are on the other side of this is, if we’re all vaccinated and the vaccine works, I don’t understand the purpose of still wearing masks everywhere,” McCain said.

Last week, she made similar remarks, subtly questioning the efficacy of the vaccine.

“If the vaccine is 94 percent effective, which we are told by science and the CDC and all smart people who come on this show it is — if the vaccine works, why do we still have to wear masks outdoors? Why do we have to wear masks inside?” she said.

For the host, it all comes back to the messaging surrounding the vaccine. She brought it up on Monday, May 3rd, and then again this week.

“I think the messaging has been really bad,” McCain said. “And I think you see vaccine hesitancy for a lot of different reasons, but some of it is because it doesn’t look like anything in life is gonna change, and that’s a real problem for the American public.”

You can watch the full conversation below.


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