‘The View:’ Meghan McCain Misses Being ‘Queen of Resting Bitch Face’ Thanks to Masks

The host REALLY wants to go back to maskless life

The View

It’s starting to look like masks may be a thing of the past in the not-so-distant future, but for the hosts of “The View,” there are a few things they’ll miss about masks. Well, except for Meghan McCain — she wants to get back to scaring people with just a look.

On Thursday’s episode, the panel discussed how some women say the upside to masks has been getting catcalled less and not being told by strange men to smile. As host Joy Behar pointed out, wearing a mask “also avoids that resting bitch face.”

But for Meghan McCain, resting bitch face is something she actually REALLY misses. For her, the goal should just be teaching men to behave better around women.

“Look I think we should train men not to catcall. I think there’s a societal problem with how men treat women, and the sexualization of women,” McCain noted. “I don’t want to continue wearing a mask. I’ve missed smiling at people. I’m the queen of resting bitch face, I’ve missed having that as well.”

McCain has long been vocal about her desire to stop wearing masks altogether, having gotten both doses of her vaccine, but has also noted that she will comply with any mask mandates a business she frequents puts forward. At the end of the day, McCain says she wants everyone to feel comfortable and safe.

“It makes me really sad that there are women who have been made so uncomfortable by sexual aggressions from men,” McCain added. “I think, can’t we just start with teaching men to behave like decent human beings?”


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