‘The View’ Hosts Encourage More Republicans to Drop Out of Presidential Race: ‘Anybody Else Gonna Read the Room?’

The ABC hosts argue that the other candidates need “a reality check”

The View

With Mike Pence officially dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, the women of “The View” are hoping more Republican dominoes will soon fall. In fact, on Monday morning, the ABC hosts encouraged the remaining nine GOP candidates to take a hint.

As of Monday morning, Donald Trump remains the GOP frontrunner, polling higher than all of the other Republican candidates combined. And, though host Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t put any stock in political polls, she argued that it’s impossible not to see the grip Trump still has on the party.

“Is anybody else gonna read the room at some point?” Whoopi asked. “And see it’s time to go?”

Host Sunny Hostin agreed, and argued that the others need a “reality check” — particularly Chris Christie, who celebrated the former VP’s dropout, despite the fact that he’s currently polling lower than Pence.

Meanwhile, Ana Navarro couldn’t have cared less about Pence exiting the race, and suspected others don’t either.

“Pence dropping out was like, if a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it even make a noise?” she mocked. “Did anybody even know he was in? Look, he had no lane from the beginning.”

In the end, the hosts largely agreed that Pence should endorse any candidate but Trump, if he truly means it when he says he no longer supports his former boss. But, Navarro got blunt about how much that would matter, saying that ultimately, 2024 will be “a binary choice” for voters, “between two old men.”


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