‘The View’ Hosts Criticize Op-Ed Calling Out Biden’s 7th Grandchild: ‘Find Something Else to Write About’

She has made this a problem. Not Hunter, not this woman, she’s made it a problem,” Whoopi said of NYT’s Maureen Dowd

The View

The hosts of “The View” weren’t overly impressed on Monday by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s latest opinion calling out President Biden’s treatment of grandchildren. In fact, the women largely agreed that Dowd needs to “find something else to write about.”

In the column, Dowd criticizes the president for typically referring to “my six grandchildren” in his speeches, when he actually has seven. That seventh child belongs to his son Hunter Biden, and was reportedly conceived at a time when he was severely struggling with his addiction. According to Dowd, the president is “callously scarring” that little girl’s life by not acknowledging her.

But, according to Whoopi Goldberg, Dowd should really be “kvetching” at Hunter Biden, considering the child in question is actually his, and not Joe Biden’s. To that, “The View” hosts largely agreed. But, overall, Whoopi argued that the column shouldn’t have been written at all.

“I just, I’m sorry. You know, these things are — for me, when you start talking about people’s families, and what they’re doing, for me, I find it unnecessary,” Goldberg said. “This is not anybody’s business. Nobody needed to know about this. This was private.”

Host Sunny Hostin agreed, saying “Yeah, write about something else!” But, host Alyssa Farah Griffin disagreed a bit, saying that “If it was Trump, we would talk about it.” Whoopi conceded that much, making a stipulation to her original criticism.

“When they are grown kids, you can talk about them. But this is a baby,” Whoopi said. “She has no business doing this. She has made this a problem. Not Hunter, not this woman, she’s made it a problem.”