‘The View’: Sara Haines Cracks Up After Having a Freudian Slip About Jerrod Carmichael

The ABC host quickly makes it clear that she meant to say “directorial”

The View

Freudian slips happen to just about every television host at some point, and on Monday morning, it was Sara Haines’ turn. The host of “The View” stayed in good spirits about it though, and had a very good laugh at herself.

The moment came as comedian Jerrod Carmichael appeared on the show, in support of his new reality series centered on his life. Haines had the first question, and promptly tripped over her words in setting it up.

“Now, you released your acclaimed stand-up special ‘Rothaniel’ two years ago,” she started. “You went on to win an Emmy, release your feature film deck — dick-torial debut — “

At that point, Joy Behar cut in and tried to help her, but stumbled over the word herself. Still, Haines caught onto the mistake that her cohost was pointing out.

Realizing what she meant to say was actually “directorial” debut, Haines cracked up, with Whoopi patting her on the back for moral support. Carmichael himself enjoyed the moment, chuckling and simply pointing out, “Freudian!”

Haines was able to recover though, and kept the segment moving right along.

Of course, this wasn’t the first slip of the day. In an earlier segment, Joy Behar called Marjorie Taylor Greene “incompetent,” especially after the congresswoman posted on social media saying that the solar eclipse is a sign from God for people to “repent.”

But, Whoopi admitted “I thought you were gonna say incontinent,” instead of “incompetent.”

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


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