‘The View’ Audience Boos Dwayne Johnson for Refusal to Endorse 2024 Presidential Candidate

The actor says he doesn’t want to sow “division”

Fox News

Dwayne Johnson wasn’t actually on “The View” on Friday morning, but he still earned a round of boos from the show’s audience. That’s because the actor and WWE star is refusing to endorse a presidential candidate this year.

As part of the day’s Hot Topics, the ABC hosts pulled up a clip of Johnson during an interview this week with “Fox & Friends,” in which he explained that, though he previously endorsed President Biden, he won’t be doing so again this year.

Johnson noted that he’s not happy with the state of the country, but explained that his decision is based more on what people will think, rather than his political views.

“Am I gonna do that again this year? That answer is no,” Johnson said. “I’m not gonna do that, because what I realized, what that caused back then was something that tears me up in my guts, back then and now, which is division.”

As soon as the clip ended, host Joy Behar attempted to tee up the core question of the segment, but was cut off by loud booing from the audience. The reaction was so strong, it even startled some laughter out of Behar herself.

“First of all, should I pay any attention to who gives an interview on Fox, where they lie every day?” she said, once she was finally able to speak.

From there, the hosts debated whether or not celebrities should be obligated to endorse political candidates. And, for the most part, the women agreed that the real obligation is simply just telling people to vote.

But, at the end of the day, host Ana Navarro had a theory as to why Dwayne Johnson is refusing to side with any one party.

“Everybody loves The Rock, and The Rock wants everybody to love him,” she said.


2 responses to “‘The View’ Audience Boos Dwayne Johnson for Refusal to Endorse 2024 Presidential Candidate”

  1. Simplejack79 Avatar

    Why doesn’t this article also mention the Rock said this woke agenda really bugs him and he doesn’t like it?

  2. K Avatar

    This interview rings of the whole MJ “Republicans buy shoes too”. Just the Rock protecting his image for both sides, when in reality he is probably secretly a brain damaged by roids conservative that doesn’t want to lose the other half of his audience.

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