‘The View’ Hosts and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Spar Over Report Trump Disparaged Troops: ‘It Seems Like Something He Would Do’ (Video)

Former press secretary said incident detailed in The Atlantic “didn’t happen” but “The View” co-hosts weren’t convinced

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was met with fiery opposition on “The View” Tuesday after she contested a report from last week that President Donald Trump disparaged military service and refused to visit a cemetery for fallen American troops on the grounds they were “losers.”

“On the instance that was written about in the Atlantic: I was one of the few people that were in the room. I’m not an anonymous source. I’m going on the record and I’m telling you it didn’t happen. That’s not who this president is and that’s not how he feels about the men and women who serve in our military,” the former White House press secretary turned surrogate said.

Sanders added, “I sat in the Oval Office when the president called to offer condolences to parents whose sons had been killed in the line of duty. That takes a toll on a person. The president did that and I watched that and I saw his heart in those moments.”

Joy Behar, a co-host of the ABC daytime program, wasn’t convinced.

“You say you were there but you weren’t there the whole time,” Behar said.

“The problem with this story is it seems like something he would do,” added Meghan McCain, whose father John was disparaged by Trump by name, according to the Atlantic report. “I don’t doubt that you’ve had experiences — and I’ve seen videos with President Trump with troops and his family — but this has not been my experience. For me and my brothers who serve, we do not feel respected. We are a military family that does not feel respected or appreciated by this president.”

In a separate clip, McCain said — and moderator Whoopi Golberg believed — that she believed Trump did indeed make the “loser” and “sucker” comments. McCain also asked that journalists who report on her late father to give her family a heads up as a courtesy.

Watch the exchange, via ABC, above.


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