‘The View’: Stormy Daniels Says Trump Fans Are ‘More Like Suicide Bombers’ to Her as Hush Money Trial Looms | Video

“I’m just like, of course you’re a Trump supporter, because you’re not even good at being bad!” Daniels tells the ABC hosts

The View

As Donald Trump’s next trial looms, this time for allegedly using campaign funds to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels, his supporters are once again harassing and hurling threats at her. But this time around, Daniels says, they’re much worse — almost “like suicide bombers.”

Daniels stopped by “The View” on Thursday morning for the first time in six years, but she immediately noted that it doesn’t feel that long, but also somehow feels longer. In fact, Daniels admitted, her entire life feels like it exists in a “time warp”

“It’s the weirdest feeling to be in this situation where time is kind of not real,” she explained. “And the sad part about it is, or the tricky part, is that I had started to do really well, things had gotten quiet. I had moved, you know, my daughter was able to go back to school and things like that. And then suddenly the indictment happens and all of this stuff. So it was like, 2018 all over again.”

Daniels noted that, just like in 2018, she’s been receiving threatening and hateful messages from Trump supporters, “except now they’re more vicious, because they’ve been encouraged.”

“They’re more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly, truly believe that they are being patriotic and that I am the devil,” Daniels said.

But, at least the messages not coming quite as often as they did several years ago.

“The frequency and the amount was a lot more,” Daniels explained. “But it was more, you know, superficial, like just calling me like names mostly associated with my job. Or that I was just a gold digger, or somehow profiting off of all of this.”

Daniels took a moment to pause at that, and explain that she’s not actually receiving money for virtually any of her TV or documentary appearances. She even playfully poked fun at the fact that all she received from “The View” was a mug.

That said, she can’t help but laugh at the fact that many of Trump’s supporters aren’t exactly being covert about sending their threats.

“I’ve had people text me from their actual phone number,” Daniels mocked. “And I’m just like, of course you’re a Trump supporter, because you’re not even good at being bad!”

You can watch Stormy Daniels’ full comments from “The View” in the video above.


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