‘The View’ Hosts Suggest Jared Kushner Can Foot Trump’s Legal Fees With ‘Money He Got From the Saudis’

“I would imagine Joe’s not cheap,” Sunny Hostin said, referring to Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina

Ana Navarro The View
The View

With multiple investigations into twice-impeached former president Donald Trump still ongoing, the hosts of “The View” have long joked about the legal bills he must be racking up. But on Friday, they offered an idea of where he might get the money to take care of those bills: his son-in-law, via a massive Saudi investment.

To kick off the episode’s Hot Topics, host Joy Behar ran down some of the investigations into Trump that remain ongoing, including ones in New York, Georgia, Florida and, of course, the probe into his involvement in the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

But, as at least one of those cases nears a possible indictment, Trump’s lawyers are arguing that actual criminal charges could embolden him and his base and fuel his 2024 re-election campaign. And to that, host Sunny Hostin agreed that, at the very least, Trump would use charges to raise money. Bringing back a favorite suggestion of hers, Hostin once again noted that that money would be used to take care of his extensive legal fees.

“I would imagine Joe’s not cheap,” Hostin said, referring to Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina, who has been making the television rounds defending Trump in the case in Manhattan.

At that point, Joy Behar offered an easier source of money for Trump: his own family. “Maybe his son-in-law Kushner could give it to him, the money,” Behar suggested.

At that, Ana Navarro chimed in to add on, “Uh-huh, the money he got from the Saudis?”

A quick refresher: Last year, the House Oversight Committee launched an investigation into a $2 billion investment that came from the Saudi government for a firm created by Jared Kushner after he left the White House. And last month, Republican James Comer, who chairs that committee, said an investigation into Kushner himself and his ties to Saudi Arabia is “on the table.”