‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Gifts Hugh Grant a Bottle of Moisturizer After His Self-Deprecating Oscars Joke (Video)

“I wrote that joke, and I was still extremely nervous about it,” Grant revealed

After actors Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell demonstrated the importance of using a good moisturizer during the Oscars on Sunday, “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg had a gift for Grant on Thursday. Yes, it’s exactly what you think.

In case you missed it, while appearing on stage together to present the Oscar for production design, Grant joked that they were also there to show the “vital importance” of the skincare product, based on the differences in their appearances. “Still stunning,” Grant said, referring to his former co-star, who apparently has “been wearing one every day for the last 29 years.”

Grant then gestured to himself, and joked that his face is “basically a scrotum.” The joke quickly went viral, with many fans praising Grant’s typical self-deprecating nature.

Still, Whoopi wanted to help the actor out. So, when he appeared on “The View” on Thursday morning, she handed him a bottle of moisturizer, saying, “Just in case! You can never have too much moisturizer.”

Naturally, Grant was thankful. The actor also explained during the segment that he wrote that particular joke himself, and he wasn’t totally confident about how it would land. But Whoopi reassured him that it was “funny as hell.”

“I was nervous — I wrote that joke, and I was still extremely nervous about it. I think I got away with it,” Grant said. “Sigourney Weaver said to me afterwards, ‘You don’t look like a scrotum.’ And she liked the joke. That relaxed me. But I was very nervous about it.”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.