Whoopi Goldberg Chatters Nonsensically for 10 Full Seconds on ‘The View’ Imitating Trump Team | Video

“That’s what you hear,” the ABC moderator said of a Trump spokesperson

The View

Whoopi Goldberg spent about 10 full seconds just chattering nonsensically on Monday’s episode of “The View,” as she imitated a Trump spokesperson who appeared on CNN.

In case you missed it, earlier Monday morning, CNN anchor Kasie Hunt cut off an interview with Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, after the latter repeatedly tried badmouthing Hunt’s coworkers Jake Tapper and Dana Bash ahead of Thursday’s presidential debate.

Hunt repeatedly warned Leavitt that she would cut the interview short if Leavitt kept attacking them, and that is exactly what happened. For the most part, the hosts of “The View” applauded the move, saying that’s what needs to happen at the actual debate.

But, Whoopi wasn’t surprised at all that Hunt was forced to cut the segment short.

“Well, you know, listen,” Whoopi started with a chuckle. “If you don’t have anything to say, you blab. You just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on!”

And indeed, Whoopi went on and on (and on), making that sound effect for roughly ten full seconds. She did pause for air at one point, only to dive right back into her chattering, to make her point.

“That’s what you hear,” she finally said. “When they don’t have anything to hold you with, nothing to make you think about what they have to say, they talk at you, not to you. And that’s what she was doing, and she was doing it, and it’s not new!”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.


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