‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Gets Blunt About Gun Reform: Politicians Are ‘Not Gonna Do It’ (Video)

“So either vote them back in, with their guy that leads them, or make a change!” Whoopi said angrily

As the country reels from and grieves yet another mass shooting, this time in Allen, Texas, Whoopi Goldberg got blunt on Monday’s episode of “The View.” According to the moderator, politicians are simply “not gonna do” anything about gun reform.

After a gunman opened fire at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas on Saturday, eight people were left dead. As has become routine after mass shootings, most of the state’s major lawmakers, including Gov. Greg Abbott, and Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn — who all have A+ ratings from the NRA — have rebuked the idea of any gun reform, and instead blamed mental health issues, despite the fact that, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental illness only contributes to roughly 4% of all violence, and Abbott himself cut funding to mental health resources.

Meanwhile, as always, the women of “The View” were outraged over the “insanity” that seems to occur on a weekly basis at this point. Republican hosts Alyssa Farah Griffin and Ana Navarro both agreed that gun violence is a “Republican issue,” and as always, advocated for stricter gun laws.

“I want to make something unequivocally clear,” Farah Griffin said. “There is a disconnect between what the American public wants to see on gun safety and what elected officials in Washington and states want to see.”

She then cited a Fox News poll — “not a liberal outlet” — indicating that more than 80% of Americans support tighter gun restrictions, including enforcing background checks, mental health checks, red flag laws, raising the minimum age where it becomes legal to purchase one, and more.

“I would be willing to jump through more hoops to be able to legally own a gun to stop having kids and innocent people be massacred,” Farah Griffin added. “D.C. is disconnected from it. Republicans in D.C. are disconnected from it, and they’ve got to act.”

But as the conversation eventually circled back to Whoopi, she got blunt about what it’ll take to get real gun reform.

“All of those things are great. All of those things are up to us,” Goldberg said. “We are the ones who are gonna make this happen. They’re not gonna do it. So either vote them back in, with their guy that leads them, or make a change!”

You can watch part of the discussion from “The View” in the video above.