‘The View’: Whoopi Says Lack of Writers Amid Strike ‘Forced’ Hosts to Talk About ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Scandal

As always, the host made it very clear that “I don’t care” about reality TV topics

The View

It’s pretty well-established that Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t love talking about reality TV or gossipy issues on “The View.” But on Thursday’s episode, she and her co-hosts waded into the scandal surrounding “Vanderpump Rules. According to Whoopi, that’s solely because the show’s writers are on strike.

“The View” is one of the many shows that have been affected by the Writers Guild of America going on strike Tuesday, but one of the few that is continuing on for the time being. As Whoopi explained on Tuesday, “We did the show anyway, because we want to keep everybody employed, and we want to do our best, and we support our writers ’cause we know what they’re going through.”

She noted at the top of that show that the lack of writers, for them, means that “you’re gonna hear how it would be when it’s not, you know, slicked up.” In each episode since, she has begun each show by reminding viewers that those writers are still on strike, so she and her co-hosts are essentially improvising the entire show.

Such was the case on Thursday, as Whoopi noted that they’ll likely remind audiences that the writers strike is happening at the start of each episode for as long as the strike continues.

Later in the show though, Whoopi noted that the lack of writers is impacting the segments the women are doing, before launching into one about…Scandoval.

“Another reminder, we don’t have any writers, which is why we’re kind of forced to talk about ‘Vanderpump Rules,’” Whoopi said, visibly bracing herself. “Which I’m going to just throw over to Alyssa because I don’t care!”

From there, “The View” went a bit off the rails, as host Alyssa Farah Griffin attempted to get her co-hosts up to speed on the cheating scandal surrounding the reality show. At one point, hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar even thought that one of the producers of “The View” was involved.

Indeed, it’s a lot, but we’ve got the full rundown of it here.