‘The View’: Whoopi Thinks DeSantis Opposes Trump Indictments Because He Wants the Same Thing – to ‘Be a Dictator’ (Video)

“I believe many of these folks who are defending this think this is an interesting prospect,” Whoopi says

Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis continues to oppose the idea of Donald Trump facing legal consequences for any potential crimes he’s committed, and “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg has a hunch as to why. According to the ABC host, DeSantis “wants to do the same thing” as Trump — “be a dictator.”

Whoopi’s theory came on Wednesday, as she and her co-hosts discussed DeSantis’ interview with Jake Tapper, which aired on CNN on Tuesday night. During the interview, Tapper asked DeSantis point blank if Trump “should be held accountable” if there is evidence of criminality, to which DeSantis reiterated, “I hope he doesn’t get charged.”

The women at the table were particularly annoyed by DeSantis’ response, considering he graduated from Harvard Law, and thus knows exactly the level of severity of the things Trump has done. But, Whoopi guessed that there’s a clear reason why DeSantis and other Republicans continue to deflect on this particular issue.

“What’s interesting about very many of these people who you’ve sort of talked about not even saying or admitting that anything wrong was done — it’s because they want to do the same thing,” she said. “DeSantis wants the same kind of country. I believe that he wants to also be a dictator. I believe many of these folks who are defending this think this is an interesting prospect.”

Whoopi is not the first to argue that Trump appears to be attempting to turn the nation from a democracy to a dictatorship, in light of a recent New York Times report saying the twice-indicted former president is making plans to roll back the concept of checks and balances in the US.

She added, “I never thought in my lifetime that I would see this country come as close to dictatorship, as I’ve seen — ever.”

You can watch the full moment from “The View” in the video above.