‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Thinks Biden Could ‘Easily’ Beat DeSantis: ‘The Bloke Only Talks About Woke and It’s Become a Joke’ (Video)

Navarro has been an outspoken critic of DeSantis

Whether the 2024 Republican presidential nominee is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, Ana Navarro thinks Joe Biden can beat either one of them — but especially DeSantis. That’s because, according to the host of “The View,” DeSantis’ hyperfixation on those who are “woke” has “become a joke.”

Navarro’s thoughts came as she and her co-hosts were discussing No Labels, the political party created specifically to promote centrism and bipartisanship. Navarro dubbed it “the stupidest thing ever,” and her co-hosts largely agreed. But host Alyssa Farah Griffin did have a theory about it.

“I do think that the fact that Democrats are panicking so much over No Labels is them recognizing that Joe Biden is really only strong against Donald Trump,” Farah Griffin said. “With any other Republican candidate, I think that they realize it’s a much harder race for them.”

But Navarro steadfastly disagreed.

“I think he can easily beat Ron DeSantis,” she said. “The bloke only talks about woke and it’s become a joke!”

Navarro has been a vocal critic of DeSantis, and his dedication to opposing anything he deems “woke.” In June, she even encouraged drag queens to celebrate Pride month by changing their stage names to Rhonda Santis.

You can watch the full conversation from “The View” in the video above.