‘The View’: Ana Navarro Tells Drag Queens to Celebrate Pride Month ‘by Changing Your Names to Rhonda Santas’ (Video)

Navarro and her cohosts went off on the rising wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation

“The View” host Ana Navarro has a suggestion for drag queens this pride month: change your name. Specifically, change it to be a play on the name of a Republican figure who is leading the charge on anti-LGBTQ legislation: Ron DeSantis.

During Friday’s episode of “The View” — which was pretaped, and as a result, did not touch on the second indictment of twice-impeached former president Donald Trump — Navarro and her co-hosts kicked off the day’s Hot Topics by applauding the Biden administration for announcing new initiatives to support the LGBTQ community.

In that same vein, the women heavily criticized conservatives like DeSantis who are responsible for a significant increase in anti-LGBTQ legislation specifically targeting transgender people — particularly ones who are doing it under the guise of “protecting children.”

“People, let me tell you this, drag queens don’t even like children,” Navarro said. “They don’t tip, and they don’t drink!”

Then, she offered some advice on getting back at DeSantis directly to any drag queens watching.

“I would say to all the drag queens: for the month of June, Pride Month, let’s celebrate by changing your names to Rhonda Santas.”

As the discussion continued though, Navarro and her co-hosts got more serious — and more angry — about what’s happening across the country.

“You are killing our children,” Whoopi said bluntly. “You are telling our kids they don’t belong, they are not welcome. And God bless this table. I am going to fight, we’re going to fight for everybody’s right to be themselves here in America because that’s the promise of America.”

You can watch the full segment from “The View” in the video above.